OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Re: Not very realistic criticism...

Bussta wrote:

Thanks Greg, will take a look, Initially I wondered why anyone would stump up that amount of money for a smaller sensor camera, especially when you are so close to the price of a 6D body, but then again the lenses for M43 are not only cheaper on the Olympus & in some cases as good, but the weight difference is unbeatable.

I suppose it's the "bigger is better" mentality that has conditioned me into sticking so close to the 5D and being nervous looking to the M43 range, the "what if?" factor that may never happen, "what if I need to shoot an advertising campaign?", "what if I need to blow it up A1 size?" I suppose it's a safe guard in the unlikely event that I need to push the camera to it's upmost, which rarely happens, and even then it would be an unsuitable system for those purposes anyway. Being 100% honest I hate shooting it, it's big, heavy & bulky, the ooc images are dull and I spend a lot of time in post trying to make something of them, even though they are exposed properly.

One thing I will be really interested to see on the EM1 is the EVF, but all accounts of those who have held & used it, it is as big as full frame OVF, the fact you can have a FF DSLR large size viewfinder and see the results and any changes in real time is great, I do so on my X100 which is probably half the size and has half the resolution of the EM1's EVF.

many of the samples on the internet have been shot with high compression or saved that way in processing for quick downloads. The JPG files at super fine are very good. I would put up against nearly any full frame from the last 3 years. It didn't get camera of the year by DPReview readers because of poor quality output. It certainly not perfect but it handles it's own against the D3s and and the 5D Mk2 just fine. And if you are JPG shooter, the files are better.

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