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Re: Yellow birds

MoreGooderPhotos wrote:

This is a very interesting thread! I've read every word. Thanks to all of the contributors who have taken the time to post.

I'll now add my tidbits.

I've been shopping around for "something even better" than my FZ200. I've learned from these forums that a small sensor is essential to long reach unless you don't mind big glass. I've struggled to spec out a DSLR kit that has the same reach as the FZ200.

I am lucky enough to own the "unicorn" lens, the Nikon TC-E17ED 1.7X. Since there is no noticeable light loss through it, that takes the FZ200 reach to 1020 at F2.8. Price that up in DSLR and your getting very expensive.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, I find that the chromatic aberration of the FZ200 to be pretty horrible at times (with and without the 1.7 TC). I can get rid of most of it in PP, but never all of it. Secondly, there are often times when the FZ200 simply won't focus on what I want. I primarily photograph birds. This means manual focus with the tiny little switch on the side while keeping up with a bird in a tree is impossible. Oddly, birds that are mostly yellow are exceedingly difficult to get into sharp focus. This is likely because there isn't enough contrast for the camera to detect.

I was hoping to upgrade to something with more pixels, better auto focus, and less CA. But I simply can't find anything that isn't going to be extremely expensive and too heavy to carry on long birding hikes.

Is it possible that the next generation of F2.8 constant lens bridge cameras (aka "FZ250") could have a better sensor? I would gladly pay double for what I paid for my FZ200, and still wind up paying less than a DSLR rig, and have less glass to carry too. I think Panasonic needs to develop and market a professional grade super-zoom. The time has arrived!

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Sometimes I feel like 2/3'rds Rice Krispies. Past "Snap" and "Crackle" but just shy of "Pop".

With regard to the difficulty you've experienced with your FZ200 having difficulty focussing on mostly yellow birds, though it won't help with your FZ200's ability to focus, you may find the results of my TZ30 colour resolution tests and the discussion which followed kkardster's post of some interest.


As the tests that I've done using my colour resolution test charts with an FZ20, FZ50, TZ7 and TZ30 have all shown a problem with poor resolution of the cyan and yellow Es I suspect that it is related to the arrangement of the red, green and blue pixels in the Bayer matrix and to the demozaicing process.

As discussed by ianperegian in the following post it may also be related to optical crosstalk in the small sensors used in these cameras. See:


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