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enfi wrote:

I bought the G1X for the same reasons as you, and even tough I like the camera, and I'm willing to accept it's limitations, I sometimes get frustrated with some issues; for example yesterday I was trying to overcome the lower dynamic range by doing HDRI (manual the included option only do jpg's apparently) and I was unable to auto bracket exposures longer than one second in AV or even P
I was able to auto bracket in TV, but changing the aperture and doing so affects the deep of field and I didn't wanted that.

You can bracket raw shots in Av mode, it works fine, or did I misunderstand what you said?

I do can get to shot RAW in Av mode, what I cannot do is to bracket an exposure longer than 1 second. It's strange but if for example if the camera metering mode tells me that with and aperture of f 8 (at ISO 100), i need a 15 second exposure to get the shot, as soon as I enable auto-bracketing, whenever I half-press the shutter button the exposure time automatically goes to 1 second, and all the 3 bracketed exposures are one second at f 8 aperture, so basically, the same exposure, no bracket at all!!

I see, yes, I checked mine, it does the same, manual is the best way around this I guess.

There are a couple of things you could do. You could use graduated neutral density filters, which is the quickest and easiest way to improve dynamic range. You could also shoot HDR in Av mode (see above). You could also use an ND grad filter and then create 3 separate raw files from the original ( one normal exposure and one over and one under exposed ) and merge them. You could also bracket and blend exposures, there are lots of options really. I find you can under-expose at base ISO and get away with not too much noise (within


I do have a set of Lee filters, (0.6,0.9 soft, 0.9 hard, bigstopper) however these are 4x6 and the Lee filter holder is kind of big and heavy, for this camera. What filter size are you sing?

I just use the Cokin P system, the filters are approximately 4x3 inches so not too big. I use a cheap plastic filter holder, it all works quite well and fits in a small bag.

Thank You

Enzo Figueres

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