OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Not very realistic criticism...

Sorry, but you can easily compare the Raw Studio Scene shots on this site between the Oly E-M1, Nikon D7100 and Canon 70D.

At ISO 3200 the E-M1 at least matches, and in my opinion surpasses, the quality of the other two cameras at 100%.

I use two E-M5's for shooting corporate events, weddings, and portraits and I assure you the E-M5, and I'm sure the E-M1 is up to the task.

The 5D Mklll and 6D both produce outstanding results, but the real question is, what level of detail do you really need for a double magazine spread? Not sure what magazines you shoot for, but most don't exhibit print quality that would challenge a camera like the E-M1.

I fully agree with Moti, unless you have some need to decide as quickly as possible, simply wait until the E-M1 is available, then rent one with a high quality lens and do some test shooting that replicates your normal work. Do a few test prints and determine yourself whether it will serve your needs.

I assure you, once you have experienced the difference in bulk and weight relative to image quality, you will be hard pressed to want to carry your 5D and lenses again -- but then, you may decide otherwise.

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