OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

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Re: OM-D EM1 All the Bells & Whistles, but no meat?

I am also doing portraits and reportages for living and I have switched recently from 5Dii based gear into EM5. I am doing lots of low light photography and can assure you that I never encountered any of the issues you are talking about.

In view of my satisfaction, I recently sold all my 5Dii gear and can't wait for the EM1 to come out, as it will close the gap I have with my EM5.

Without getting into details and the ways you figured out your finding, I think it is too early to judge a camera that isn't out yet based on samples that were not taken by yourself with may be even pre production models.  So my advise to you is to wait till it is out, rent one for few days and then come up with a verdict. This is what every pro would do.



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