Considering 6D for starting as a "pro" photographer

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Considering 6D for starting as a "pro" photographer

Hello all,

It's one week already since I started reading about a FF camera to start working as a part time photographer. Still I have 0 job planned but I'm looking into gear just to be prepared.

I only shoot for one paid job, but it was more about casual shooting and composition. No gear really required, I only used my Sony NEX.

What I'm planning to shoot (in order):

1) Events

2) Nightclubs

3) Portraits

4) * Weddings.. but this might not happen at first. Although I will be shooting as a guest in November.

What I consider a plus:

1) Low light shooting

2) AF accuracy (as I'm used to magnify the screen in my mirrorless cameras, here I only have the mirror box).

3) Weight/size of the equipment needed to shoot.

4) Versatility.

What is my current gear (never owned a DSLR):

1) Sony NEX-5: 18-200, 16mm + wide adapter, Minolta MD 50mm f2

2) Fuji X100S

Highlights about 6D (in my view):

1) High ISO performance, I love this as I mainly shoot in available light. Although for pro work I'm not sure if it is so important.

2) Weight. Question.. is that much difference in size/weight compared to 5D MK3/D800?

3) I can get it where I live with the kit for 2300 USD.

4) Kit lens is better than Nikon counterpart.

Concerns about 6D:

1) I read it is considered a backup camera, not a main one for work.

2) No triggering flash capability. Either I need a flash or a transmitter. As I'll need to shoot flash from a softbox.

3) Autofocus capability. I guess this is important for events to capture the moment.

4) 97% Viewfinder. I'm very careful about composition and I'm not quite sure what I'm losing here.

5) Maximum shutter speed. This might be important for daylight wide aperture shooting. In my Fuji I use the 3 stop ND filter.

6) Not weather sealed.. where I live is sunny but I travel a lot and might bring it along the X100S.

Other camera to consider? If it is justified then money is not that much of an issue, but I don't like to spend in something I don't need.

I would appreciate if people currently working as a photographer can give some advice.

I like the Nikon D600 feature set better but: 1) Oil issue and I don't trust warranty service here 2) The kit lens seems worse than the L glass. I'm not really crazy about WIFI or GPS.. GPS might be nice but I see the X100S more with me while traveling.

As you can see I don't have preference over Nikon or Canon, but I'm not quite satisfied with either option. The D800E price is around 3500 USD BODY ONLY and 5D MK3 with KIT 3600 USD. Again, I don't know how much bigger and heavier they are which as I might use them while traveling. Unfortunately there are not places to try them all here so I'm a little limited.

Thanks for reading!

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