How many still shoot film?

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Re: Unfortunate Comparison

MarkJH wrote:

It's true that some cinematographers are particularly enthusiastic about what's possible with digital capture in principal photography. Stephen Soderbergh has been advocating RED from the start, and I know Roger Deakins has been very enthusiastic about the ARRI Alexa--which he put to wonderful work with "Skyfall."

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Very good post and I agree.

There's also a reason why lots of TV productions use film (Breaking Bad as one good current example.)

A worthwhile documentary is Keanu Reeves' and Christopher Kenneally's Side by Side.  It attempts to explore the changing technologies from both sides of the aisle.  But as you mentioned, film makers primarily see the options as part of the 'big tool box' and not simply as 'one versus the other.'  And aesthetic choices do matter.

I like what John de Borman (The Full Monty) said in this short interview about decisions involving film or digital options for a project: John de Borman

And thanks Marcio, for your kind words.  If you get a chance you might want to try to see the 'behind the scenes' making of Ron Howard's Rush.  There is interesting discussion about why they used digital capture and the new opportunities it opened up.  But not because it might emulate a film aesthetic, but because of logistics and being able to capture certain scenes that very small digital capture devices allowed.  Anthony Dod Mantle (DP) was incredibly inventive filming Rush.

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