GX7 Owner - JPEG or RAW?

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Re: GX7 Owner - JPEG or RAW?

Donald B wrote:

how about someone post a photo 100 pixels square in raw and jpeg so we can all see the extra coloured pixels. I can never seem to find them ? go ahead prove me wrong.

cheers don

Seems like a bit of a silly request - at 100 pixels square, we might as well be using camera phones?

Some people do view their images at more than 100 pixels square, for those that don't your point may well be 100% valid.

Here's some pics I took when looking at RAW vs. JPEG a while back when I first got my EPL3 -

First we have jpeg straight out of the camera (exposing to try and save some detail in the sky as the overall scene appeared to exceed the dynamic range of the camera):

Straight out of camera JPEG - exposing to try and keep some detail in the sky

Now here is the same image but with the shadows lifted a bit - you can see there's more detail available in the building now but I was unable to make much of the sky as the data just wasn't there:

Out of camera JPEG with shadows lifted

And now here is the same image, developed from RAW - I didn't spend time processing, I just hit the 'auto levels' button to see what would be pulled automatically from the raw file, had I spent more time, I could have improved the image further - you'll see that a lot of detail was recovered in the sky as well as much improved detail and colour where the shadows have been brought up:

RAW file 'auto fixed'

Even at the small sizes I've posted, it should be easy to see the difference - not all scenes will show this, but in my experience, whenever I capture a scene with a wide dynamic range then Raw allows me to extract much more from the scene and in some cases save an image I would otherwise have deleted.

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