How many still shoot film?

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Re: nooo... :)

Fogsville, that's one of the most well thought and well written replies I've ever seen on DP review.

Thanks for that!

And yes, I fully agree on all levels.

The only thing I'd like to add is that modern digital cinema cameras (Alexa, RED, Genesis, F65) are so good that we are not able anymore to spot that "digital" look on movies captured with these cameras.

If you watch carefully movies like Skyfall, Oblivion or Prometheus, it's impossible to tell them apart from those made with film stock.

No burnt highlights, no digital looking noise, not a single trace of artfacts on screen. It's simply as organic as a film capture.

Movie DPs are saying they're choosing more and more digital capture for the sake of convinience.

I don't believe so.

I think they're choosing digital because it's d@rn good, as good as film stock in quality terms, and with added flexibility.

Thanks again for the well thought post, Fogsville.

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