Shooting landscapes with the G1-X...

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Re: Shooting landscapes with the G1-X...

Wow, after a long search in this forum, these are my favorite photos so far.
I bought the G1X for the same reasons as you, and even tough I like the camera, and I'm willing to accept it's limitations, I sometimes get frustrated with some issues; for example yesterday I was trying to overcome the lower dynamic range by doing HDRI (manual the included option only do jpg's apparently) and I was unable to auto bracket exposures longer than one second in AV or even P
I was able to auto bracket in TV, but changing the aperture and doing so affects the deep of field and I didn't wanted that.
I could probably do it manually in M mode but it's more complicated and I might introduce some movement, is there anyway to overcome this?

However I really like the camera, my back is happier, and I'm planning to travel with it.
Kudos Canon, now please don't kill the new segment that you have created, just improve it...and please update the current firmware to make it even more capable .
Enzo Figueres

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