How many still shoot film?

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Re: Got hooked on films again.

It is definitely right, prices for good old film cameras were steadly crawling up. It  maybe moving towards the trend of LP versus CD.

I have a few Polaroid SX70 SLRs, 600, 1000 etc using Impossible instant prints. One limitation I found was the mooted pastel colours for the first release "Old Shade". It provided a limited use. The latest new "Color Protection" had improved - however not to the same vibrance as the old glory Polaroid in the past.

Now I bought a few old Polaroid Instant 100 , 430, EE100 etc. using Fuji Instant Color Prints FP100C (readily available) to try out. In my opinion, the Impossible is not in the same league as the Fujis.

Happy Shooting.

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