X-E1 vs Nikon V1 for shooting kids

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Re: X-E1 vs Nikon V1 for shooting kids

Well, if you were after advice for which one to buy for this purpose then I would say neither.

I presume you want an EVF since these two models have one.

Therefore I would recommend a micro four thirds body along with the VF-4 viewfinder.

The body itself could be picked up reasonably cheaply whilst the viewfinder and lenses will last over several changes of body.

For example that VF works on the E-PL5 and the new E-P5.

Why is this better than the Nikon V1? Sensor size, better choice of lenses, multiple generations of bodies means that most of the quirks have been ironed out.

Why is this better than the X-E1? Again lenses and not 1st gen tech, plus the AF is so much better on M43.

But, if you weren't after advice ... Sorry

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