Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

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Re: Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

Thanks Rudy.

I seem to recall that another significant factor in your decision to go Darksiding was that the motor lens of your FZ200 gave problems in sub-zero temperatures . . . and you were always out there in sub-zero temperatures.

"Budget" excursions into DSLRs are difficult, as you say . . . you just have to spend more money than you expected.  My fourth and best excursion into DSLRs was the NIkon D90 with its 18-105 kit lens - not for wildlife, but for people, and for appropriate outdoor action like dogs and horses.  I loved it, but it got bored in the cupboard/closet and I took pity on it and re-sold it.

A good experience which, with the wonders of Ebay, cost me very little . . . and I have settled down again with my FZ200 - another FZ flawed hero, but so likeable.


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