iPhone 5s is in the DPReview studio database! & a quick comparison to the 1020

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Re: iPhone 5s is in the DPReview studio database! & a quick comparison to the 1020

BTW, after carefully examining the EXIF data of DPR's images, it seems the 5s have a somewhat wider lens (30 mm vs. the 33mm of the iPhone 5).

This is certainly a step in the right direction but, unfortunately, still doesn't match the 25-28mm of the alternatives. (Wide lens is preferable on a phone, which is mostly used for "social" snaps and definitely not for "pro" stuff like shallow-DoF portraits.)

Unfortunately, as can also be seen in Mark Guim's video at http://mynokiablog.com/2013/09/22/nokia-lumia-1020-gsmarena-review-is-up-1020-demolishes-the-iphone5s , the video footage of the 5s is still using a way narrower FoV than the still mode of the same camera - or, of course, the 1020 (808 / 92x). Again, 38-40mm equiv FoV is already too narrow for casual "social" shooting. Should you want something wider, you'll need to completely disable EIS to widen the FoV by about 10% (my dedicated article: http://www.iphonelife.com/blog/87/why-you-may-want-disable-image-stabilization-during-video-recording ) or wait for my 5s-compliant full sensor downsampler (my iPhone 5 version is at http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1538193 ). (Hope it'll produce faster-fps footage than with previous iPhone models.)

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