Media Pro (formerly iView), anyone going there?

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Re: iView Media Pro 3.1.3

Alpha Doug wrote:

As a P.S. to my previous reply, in looking at Capture One Pro on their website, it appears that they have imlemented most of iView Media Pro (which they bought from Microsoft after MS decimated the program and dumped it - as usual). So it would appear that it has a very mature and robust DAM capability, better than LR, and pretty much on a par with Aperture. The adjustment section has lens corrections and keystone corrections as well as all the usual suspects for adjustment of RAWS. It is certainly a competitor for Aperture, Lightroom, etc. I wonder if it supports any plugins as do Aperture and Lightroom. Wasn't clear about that, and non of the plugin manufacturers state compatibility, however, if it just supports any plugins that Photoshop supports, they would probably work. In spite of all this though, my sticking point is the $299 price point. Do they ever have good sales?

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}

I'm really not "good enough" in CP7 yet to answer intelligently. You are right, it is based on iView Media Pro and has much of that functionality from what I've read. I find it very powerful but not necessarily as good as Aperture. As far as editing goes, the color editor is great, sharpening and clarity are great, chromatic aberration correction seems fine the few times I've used it, it has selective editing with a brush  (though not available for all tools). It's pretty fast and I like the output a lot. That said, I'm not as fast in it as I am in Aperture in terms of having memorized the shortcuts etc, and I'm not sure yet how much is me, and how much is the tool (Aperture has a great UI as far as I'm concerned).

My biggest beef with CP7 is integration with other apps.  You have the ability to process images in an external tool and I've got it to work with Nik suite and Photoshop. The catch is that it won't automatically "import" the resulting TIFF back into the catalog. Say you go to PS and save the TIFF, back in CP7 that new image won't appear in the catalog unless and until you import it. Not a huge deal, but it slows you down.  I've asked how best to do this in their forum but so far no quick and easy way.   I'm hoping they add that in CP8.  Same goes for integration with social media and the like, (Google+, Facebook, etc)... right now it doesn't do any of this out of box.

The email export works fine for a single image, but for multiple images it creates individual emails for each image in the selection. Not convenient.  My gut says that Phase One has been more concerned with image editing and "processing raw images" and outputting them to other tools. Now that it has a DAM, they need to tighten up these integration aspects.

I got it for $150 when they had a sale.  You might try the free download for the trial period. There are some decent tutorials. Hard call as Aperture is certainly a fine tool as is LR. But Adobe's cloud licensing annoys me (yes, I know LR is not cloud based..... yet), while Apple needs to show they are still serious about Aperture.  I think they will.

For now I download images into folders, import those files into both Aperture and CP7 as referenced files and do some comparisons.



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