How will Fuji respond to the FF NEX?

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Re: How will Fuji respond to the FF NEX?

miro3 wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Hiroshi Kawahara (Fuji) confirmed that the covering circle of Fuji’s current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.

The problem is that current wide angle lenses would not cover the full FF area."

That's easy then, just redesign the wide-angle lenses!

This increase the probability of a Fuji FF, reusing some of the current lenses,

and reducing the cost to existing customers.


I have no idea where the break-point between WA lenses that don't and less WA lenses that do (cover full frame) occurs, but if this is all true (which I rather doubt), then existing lenses "that do" will be 50% more WA on FF than they are on APSC. For example, the "normal" 35mm (EFL ~50mm) would become a WA 35mm, so maybe all they would need to do in a hurry would be to come out with one or two longer FF teles.

Personally I don't care much either way, since for the sizes I print (rarely more than 19x13) , the current APSC situation is plenty good enough, and I don't use my legacy LTM / M-mount lenses much anyway, except for a couple of fast 50s (CV and Canon) that I sometimes try for portraits.

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