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Compared OMD EM5 vs. 70D with which lenses?

4thnebula wrote:

I also have an Olympus OMD EM5. The Canon 70D live view af speed is not in that class but I would think good enough for me in an M2.

As an EOS M owner, I have been intensely interested in how the 70D sensor works in liveview mode, to get an idea of how it will work in a future M.  But you can't mount EF-M lenses (that are designed for mirrorless operation) on a 70D.   We know that EF and EF-S lenses aren't as fast as EF-M lenses when used on an M.

Are you using m4/3 lenses on your OMD EM5?  Or older (non-micro) 4/3 lenses?

And have you used any STM lenses on your 70D?

(I can't see your other post from here so I don't know if you mentioned this), but if you have STM lenses and an M, how does the AF performance speed with STM lenses on an M compare with AF speeds on the 70D?   USM lenses (and worse) generally aren't too speedy in liveview/mirrorless, so I'd like to hear about AF speed comparisons with lens technology matched as close as possible.

The liveview AF speed in the 70D sensor sounds neat in theory, but the current T5i/M sensor with some PDAF cells on the sensor also sounded pretty good in theory.  Until it was released as a real product.


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