DX Shooters: Do You Use Single AF Points Or Auto Area to AF?

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Re: DX Shooters: Do You Use Single AF Points Or Auto Area to AF?


I never use the AF Area Auto - and rearly can't imagine the circumstances to use it. I dont want the camera to decide where to focus.

However, Maco will tell you, that there can be a cooperation between using 3D-metering together with AF-A and AF-Area Auto. It's very technical - and not for my brain, and it has to do with the metering, as far as I understand, not with the focusing.

So I decide the Area-mode myself - Single point or one of the dynamic points. Just like I want to decide my self if using AF-S or AF-C (Never AF-A).

I would recommend you to read this: http://www.pixelfinesse.com/_docs/D7000_AF_Explained.pdf, which imo should be an appendix to every Nikon manual.

It is, of course up to people to choose, how much they want the camera to decide, but having the AF-Area Auto mode availlable have caused a lot of problems with AF user errors and a lot of threads in this and every other Nikon forum - just saying it And imo, Nikon doesn't help very much in their manual.


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