Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: At which point exactly?

Actually the EM-1 and Em-5 are water sealed, they have a high quality construction inside and out.  The jpeg engine is one of the best ever built.  In 2012 the EM-5 was voted the best camera of the year by photographers.  Basically both of the camera's at the price asked are a bargain.  Fantastic machines for the enthusiast or the professional.

Not everyone wants or needs a gigantor camera to shoot.  Professionals that need a FF sensor just have to live with the old fashioned camera until a mirrorless model in FF comes out.  Sony is supposed to be offering it soon.  Nikon is just doing the Kodak thing and letting the world pass it by for some reason.

Comparing the MFT to the FF IQ makes no sense.  Nobody out there is trying to decide between a FF camera and a MFT camera.  They are totally different things.  However the MFT camera is competing with the APS-C system.  Many people are trying to decide which way to go.  Nikon and Canon have excellent camera's in the old school style and Olympus has it's fully modern offering with features not offered with the APS-C DSLR like awesome jpegs, EVF with it's picture preview, instant focus and 9 or 10 fps..  Mostly unknown to the masses however since they do not advertise much.

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