Upgrade/replace my Intuos 4 for mouse replacement feature?

Started Sep 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrade/replace my Intuos 4 for mouse replacement feature?

motion wrote:

Neverwake: my Intuos 4 didn't come with a mouse but seems like I didn't miss out on much. Where did you get that rubbery top from? Seems like an ideal space-saving solution.

I wasn't really clear, sorry... what I should have typed was that I use a traditional rubber-backed mouse pad on top of the wacom.  When I'm using the pad, I just pull it off and place it and the mouse to the side. The reason for the pad is that the diode/laser in a mouse can't "track" movements on the surface of the wacom - it's too shiny or dark, I guess.

If you get a thinner mouse pad, you'll find that the pen will actually transmit -through- it ... not in terms of true painting performance of course, but it will definitely track the movements and you can still use the buttons for left/right clicks.

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