A new lens and some unexpected guests...

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Flat view
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A new lens and some unexpected guests...

Hi to everyone,

First of all, even if you do not care about the S2, please continue reading. I promise you interesting images.

One paradox with the S2 is that it gives you access (through adapters) to many good (excellent) medium format old lenses that are now cheap. Recently, I managed to find the Mamiya 200/f.28 APO (!) for about £350 (about $500). I believe this lens had a list price of $4,000 and a street price of $2,500. Compared to the Leica prices I considered that a bargain (S2+bargain = paradox!). Of course this lens is manual focus.

So today, I decided to take it out for the first time. The weather was very boring and cloudy, very flat light and low contrast. I jumped into the car and drove to a park. I thought I was wasting my time, when I saw it! I could not believe my eyes. Now, before you see the pictures remember that the light was flat and I only found one angle where I could get nice colors. So, I converted most of the images to B/W, but I managed to get a couple of nice ones in color. Also, this lens is very difficult to shoot at speeds slower than 1/500. So, everything was manual and here are the results. I hope you enjoy them.

Please view in large size.

Best, D


I got one!

Got another one!

I may be a grey heron, but here I am in color

Bye, bye!

OK, I am not as beautiful but I like to pose for the S2.

Flat view
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