I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

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Re: I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

Great shots... great light. My OP was not to do anything other than point out Xtrans issues that are real.

Again, great light = good images, not stellar, but good. Most of your shots are in excellent light or low light that is not mixed with combination artificial natural will produce waxy pinkish skin tones that cannot be corrected no matter what you do to them.

I have some good shots from my xtrans before I sold it, but only under certain circumstances. Mixed light sources confuse xtrans unlike bayer which is more uniformed. Anytime natural light and color temps lean in the direction with mixed light and especially greens, the interpolation between the other colors are skewed which causes specific skin tones and especially grey and white areas to have a baked in mix of color that is not easy to fix if at all. that goes for RAF as well. I shoot RAW always.

S100 and S95 are very different snapshot cameras. CMOS sensors 1/1.7 do not perform as well as 1/1.7 CCD. Likewise, larger CMOS sensors put CCDs to shame. CCDs use a LOT more power and are not suitable for large chip applications due to cost and power consumption.

My S95 puts S100 to shame which is why I never bought the tiny CMOS snapshot S100.

Glad you like you camera. You have some great shots with it. Try using it at school play with dark audience area and lit stage. Then you will see what I mean. That is where I really noticed the issue. Spot metering helped, but no matter what color correction method I tried, still could not get images to look natural.

I did some nightclub music scene shots for the owners of a club in Galveston Texas with XTrans. I was excited until I got back and realized that NONE of my color shots could be used. Bad white balance also leads to noise and mushy details when interpolation of colors between pixels are confused. There is no way to fix that in post processing. Fortunately conversion to black & white saved me. The xtrans makes awesome black & whites, better than bayer sensored cameras in my opinion.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing the BW from Xtrans I was referring too, here they are


The images that have DSC or XE1 in them are Fuji, there are a few taken with 5DMII at bottom with prime 40 f2.8

I bought the XTrans thinking the retro style and image quality would let me do nightclub scenes... more discrete photography. It didn't yield the image quality that was acceptable to me.

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