Upgrade to PSE 11 from 10 or wait for PSE 12.

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Re: Upgrade to PSE 11 from 10 or wait for PSE 12.

FWIW, I sat on the fence for a long while on this update as well. Adobe has often made me question the value of an upgrade and I've skipped many. In this case, I set a price watch (CamelCamelCamel) and when it dropped to $45 I said, "What the He!!".

I think there are a couple features in 11 that make it worth the $45 (to me). As mentioned you have access to a free month trial which should help you place a value on it.

So I made the update and I'm not disappointed. At $45 it is a decent update, at $99, I'd pass.

PS:  Since V8 in 2009, Adobe has released an update every year in September.  V12 may be in the wings but since they seem to have shown some love for the subscription model, it may be different this year.

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