GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

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Re: GH3 Viewfinder Coating comes off

sea_dragon wrote:

Funny you should post this as I too noticed just the other day that the plastic viewing bubble on my EVF has a hazy film on it in the center. Cleaning it with a lens cloth does not help at all. I just got my camera back from service (rear screen died and was replaced) and noticed this EVF haze.

The dust comes off, but the rectangular shaped hazy outline does not.

Starting to get a little ticked at this camera to be honest...

IMHO this is NOT a Panasonic problem, it could be bad treatement by the user or bad environmental conditions that affect the material.

What is very suspiscious is not the EVF lens but the Eye-detector. a) it seems to be full of "dirt" around the edges and b) there are horizontal scretches on the surface.

I (blow out) clean the sensor about once a week, iirc I have cleaned the EVF with a cloth once or twice. Using my eyes I do not see visible dust on the EVF or the Eye-sensor. But with a 10x magnifier I can see an "evenly" distributed coat of dust on the EVF and the Eye-sensor (meaning they are dirty but still functioning ok).

When I look at the above photo then I get the impression that the EVF and Eye-sensor have been cleaned with some abresive method (Lenspaper ?) instead of a soft cloth.

Page 302 of the advanced operating instructions has the following to say:

Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, alcohol, kitchen detergents, etc., to clean the camera, since it may deteriorate the external case or the coating may peel off.
When using a chemical cloth, be sure to follow the accompanying instructions.

Use of some kind of cleaning fluid can be a reason for the damage on the EVF but not the Eye-Sensor, same for bad environment.

Here are the part numbers in case you need a replacement:


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