Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: Good point also ..

Ulric wrote:

erichK wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

And I see where you are coming from with this. But the thing is, if you buy smaller and it returns you less (for the sake of the size that is), why pay like you would pay for the larger camera then. Should not the smaller cameras be also priced smaller as well?

I really don't see where it "returns me less".

Much less.

Large FF, compact FF, large MFT, compact MFT

When comparing the large FF to the large MFT, not only is the size smaller, but the price as well. The same goes for the compact FF vs compact MFT comparison.

Why is FF being compared to mFT? This post was started based on Thom Hogan's article on mFT compared to Nikon DX (APS-C) cameras. Of course the much smaller mFT sensor can't compete on ultimate IQ with FF, and it was never intended to. It was targeted instead on the 95% of other IL camera users who've been lugging about heavier APS-C kits where combined size and weight of bodies with lenses is considerably larger than mFT's and any gains in IQ now specious at best in real world usage.

And Sergey, your posts on an mFT forum are coming across as trollish at this point, same tired arguments evading the clearly stated subject of the original post. I'm not sure what your purpose is at this point other than to divert the discussion.

Finally, I think we all can agree that Olympus full featured mFT bodies (i.e., E-M5 and E-M1) are for whatever reason priced at a premium, and they sorely need to get a consumer priced model of same on the streets if they wish to gain market share.

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