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There were long waiting lists to get one : I had preordered one in early March but only got one at the end of August inspite of the fact that in our country Olympus is better distributed than it appears to be in the US. Also Olympus managers have declared it several times : they were themselves surprised by how well the E-M1 was selling. Also here since its launching the price of the E-M5 has remained very stable, loosing less than 10% With respect to its launch price (998.- to 1022.- CHF with respect to 1089.- at launch time for body only)

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That is most likely due to this...

(Reuters) In May, the company announced a plan to trim its camera division by cutting 30 percent of staff and whittling its production base to two factories from five.

The link to the entire article -

Thanks for sharing this.  Some items from the article:

Olympus admits that its overseas marketing has been lacking so far.

"This is the kind of product that we have to carefully explain to individual consumers. It's not just a point-and-shoot that you can leave out on the shop floor and it sells by itself," Olympus President Hiroyuki Sasa said at the product launch in Tokyo."

Now that really gives me some confidence in their marketing acumen!  Since when in recent years have their (or anyone else's) compacts sold themselves?  And what's to carefully explain about mFT?  A system of bodies and lenses defined by convenience, portability and DSLR IQ.

This guy still being around given his statement to the press is an example of the calcification endemic in the ultra-conservative Japanese corporate culture.

"Tech bloggers who had been invited to test-drive the E-M1 in advance were effusive about the camera on Tuesday, praising its retro design, image quality and compatibility with all Olympus lenses, a first for the company's mirrorless models.

But some criticized the camera's sluggish autofocus, a fault that has plagued mirrorless models and disqualified it for sports photography, thus barring it from a chunk of the pro market that Olympus is attempting to capture."

The last line a statement by the article's author, whose authority and research on the subject I question.  The same day as the article was released she twittered "It seems to be giving up on SLR to try and compete with Canikon on something 'new'.  Still slow though apparently."

Apparently?  Did she even handle the camera?  Assuredly not, so who was her source of information?  Canon? If she'd read any review at all she'd have realized the E-M1 has perhaps the fastest AF of any camera today, and that what she's actually referring to is tracking ability, which the E-M1 has by all accounts made some serious strides forward on.

Last year, the company's camera division lost 23.1 billion yen ($231.99 million) as compact camera sales shrank by a third and it shifted 6 percent fewer interchangeable lens camera sales, mostly mirrorless.

Yes, smartphones have ravaged the camera industry like a fox let loose in a chicken coop.  And the decline in mFT's sold is in line with the decline of all IL cameras over this past year, part of a bigger picture of waning interest which the industry has to deal with.

In May, the company announced a plan to trim its camera division by cutting 30 percent of staff and whittling its production base to two factories from five. The camera division accounts for 15 percent of sales and is dwarfed by its profitable endoscopy business.

The staff cuts are sad, if true (I assume it is, haven't fact checked it), but much of this, along with the closing of factories, is again due to the decline of compacts as a source of sales.  It is reassuring to be reminded the camera division is only one piece, and a small one at that, of their corporate profit centers.  Not so with Nikon.

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