Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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He is just chiding Nikon on the lapse of DX lens support. Fortunately we have have Sigma Tokina and a few other filling in the gaps the new Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 which has no equal anywhere else, has make me and a few other I know really wanting to stay in the DX camp at least for now. Most of us have gotten a mirrorless to play with (The close out pricing was to good to resist) but the IQ and feature set we value just aren't there yet.

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You obviously have not tried the last generation m43, with ligthning fast AF, and 5 axis stabilisation

I have, and I still have an APS-C system, specifically an SLT A77. In fact I have been moving over to the SLT more because it's just a more capable camera. It actually annoys me a bit, because I like my EM5 and would love to keep a single lens system. A77 and lenses are huge. But I do a lot of sports/action/animals shooting and the EM5 cannot keep up. I also do a lot of video and the EM5 doesn't stack up there either. (GH3 might have IF it had peaking. DOH!)

I don't know what most people shoot with their DSLRs, but I do think that most people would probably be better off with a mirrorless camera. The EM5 is faster than my A77 in many ways, but it costs more and raises too mnay "but" questions for many. But what about AFC? But what about sensor size? Etc. I need the focusing performance, I need the 2.8 zoom lenses, and I need the video. I wish I didn't but I do, and m4/3 doesn't deliver completely yet. I think they will in the next two to three years though. The EM1 is oh so close. It doesn't have the video quality and the system cost is a bit heart stopping. ($2200 vs $1500 for the A77.) But everything else is there.

But the Sony A77 is far from perfect. It is nowhere near as well made or sealed. Viewfinder is not as good. Cannot customise the camera as well. Lacks a lot of the small things that can make a huge difference. Then there are the SLT image issues. And there is the joke of a buffer on Raw... 13 frames which means the camera can choke at times. Plus quite a lot of poor quality lenses in the line up.

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