Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: Recession explains nearly all of it, actually

It is interesting that Canon, who seem to be the masters of actually making money out of selling photographic equipment (which I believe they still do more of than everyone else put together - profit that is) seem to be delaying releases until either Nikon come up with something new or next year when the economies will hopefully pick up.

The 70D seemed to come out against the D7100 but no 7DmkII or FF body, and it's not exactly lens release central either (other than the EF-C series, which seem to pop up all the time, as that is a key new market they want to own). Personally I could really use one of the 75+ MP FF bodies they have out on trials for one of the things I shoot, the lens in question is certainly sharp enough for that. I probably wouldn't like (or be able to afford) the price so I don't think I'll worry... 40MP would be okay too... guys...

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