Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: That's what I see

Walking around London it's rare to see m43 cameras (some days I make a point of checking out what's popular), and they are usually the small/cheap ones in the hands of female far eastern tourists (I think mostly Japanese). Last weekend I saw more Pentax Q cameras than m43 (well, unless my m43 was included, then it was a draw - oh and yes, that was unusual). I know no-one else personally with a m43 camera (I do recommend them sometimes, but no luck so far). I know a lot of photographers (okay, a slight bias towards Pros, but two of them use Sony FF so it's a pretty diverse bunch).

All my non-pro friends who have something better than a compact are Canon/Nikon.

So my feeling is the Japanese figures are a fair reflection of the UK situation. Note they don't include Samsung, who do make mirrorless cameras, and a couple of really good ones, but don't have any traction here and so again I mostly see them with tourists.

P.S. it was pretty scary at both the Thames Festival and Carnival as to how many amateurs were carrying two large bodies with a std (24-70-ish) and telephoto (70-200/70-300) zoom. I assume they were amateurs as their positions weren't good for the available light. I went GH3 for both, partly as at Carnival I fancied light and non-expensive-looking.

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