Of course ISO is an exposure variable - when you are shooting digital

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Of course ISO is an exposure variable - when you are shooting digital

Fir film cameras exposure is aperture and shutter speed, because those are the dials you twist picture optimally bright balancing what you need for other attributes like dof, sharpness, and blur. Adjusting your camera to get the right brightness balancing the other attributes needed a good strong word because that was an important part of taking good pictures.

Now with digital camera we have three settings to get the right brightness balancing the other attributes. We know have new attributes in the mix, DR, detail, and noise

The core thing we are doing (adjusting camera settings to get the right brightness balancing other attributes) hasn't changed, so neither should the word. That would be the tail wagging the dog. Exposure is not a hard and fast definition of which dials were used to get the right best picture in film days. It is the technique of making the settings that balance other attributes and get the right brightness when you are taking a picture now.

Good usage is usage that successfully communicates the relevant information, and becomes widespread. Technology changes and the words meanings change as well. That's why we dial phone numbers on phones that have no dials.

Pentax is the camera maker that gets this

They have PASM and Tv. Tv has the user set aperture and shutter and the camera automates ISO. Very nice photographing children in bad light. Lens wide open, shutter as needed to get the blur down, and the camera will set ISO.

Ahh, but isn't this the same as M + autoiso? Nope. Try using exposure compensation in M + autoiso! In Tv mode you can use exposure compensation, and it has all the goodness it has in other auto modes.

Treating autoiso as another exposure variable gives the options you want to take pictures in more situations, while a fuddy duddy adherence to old definitions makes camera that are less useful and have confusing naming - "M + autoiso? but M means MANUAL"

Sony is bad At least on my two Sonys (RX100 and NEX 3n) you don't even get M + autoiso, and it is a pain and a reason I often prefer my Canon.

Flexibility, people. The only static language is a dead language.

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