Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: uh oh - I think you're on a roll - NT

robbo d wrote:

I believe the new Sony A3000 has a 20.1 MP sensor. Unsure if this will be the same, but one would think that Pentax/Ricoh in their own usual way will tweak as much stills photo quality into it as technologically possible.

Couple that with the 'totally unsubstantiated' possibility they have found some processing way of upgrading the IQ, then I would say they have looked for the optimum sensor performance and will have chosen a '20' for a reason.

As for ........he, who me we do not speak of........(RH) is almost seemingly bi-polar in his viewpoints, on the one hand giving some splendid technical advice, before stupidly negative rants about impending doom of Pentax. Why do people do this ? it's crazy and clearly obvious that a company such as Ricoh has taken over the Pentax brand;

-stated clearly their objectives,

-from the position we all know they were in,

-knowing the timeline required to develop and manufacture new products,

-taking a different and tighter method of information release,

-having to take a serious look at the market direction with all the right sales and profit info,

-knowing who they're up against and what area's NOT to bother competing in,

-amalgamate two sets of engineers and manufacturing systems,

-sell existing products and stocks at such prices to empty the shelves and obtain some R&D funds,

-use clever marketing tools to slowly and surely scrape back some more total market share and enhanced profitability, such as sealing and sorry but yes colours !!!! (it works, there is actually millions of non tech gear head geek forumites out there who just want a cool looking camera that takes photo's without wars on phase detect AF, megapixels, gigawags, thingymajigs etc !!!)

-stick with a proven formula and market niche that both Pentax and Ricoh shared, plus a history, which is stills photo, quality ergonomic designed and quality built cameras.

-find areas where technology will enhance the photographic enjoyment of their core users, such as better quality lens coatings, enhanced sensor and processing performance and let things like video, wifi, touch screen, making and sat nav systems take their course by implementing them slowly and cost effectively later on!!!!

-Perhaps also, maybe, they have a whole batch of new K3's or whatever it's being called actually ready to ship this time not long after launch.........

I think time and patience will reveal a far rosier picture

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