Similarity and differences - left and right

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Re: Similarity and differences - left and right

57even wrote:


  • Blame the government.
  • Only the government can help.
  • It's a conspiracy.
  • The world is going to sh%t
  • All press sources I agree with are truthful.
  • All press sources I don't agree with are lying.


  • Which government in to blame.
  • Which government will fix it.
  • Which press source is truthful.

Personally, I don't really care much for either wing of political thought, and I can't understand why anyone would treat a news source as helpful from a factual POV (whichever side you are on) without a certain amount of independent corroboration.

Either way, it's easy to understand why the necessity of actually being elected in a two party democracy creates polarisation where nothing ever really get's fixed because no-one ever cooperates.

We have the politics we deserve sure enough. But if you wonder why politicians and newspapers lie more or less all the time and habitually, it's because you, their loyal followers, force them to. They tell you what you want to hear, and you vote for them and buy their papers.

You cannot do anything useful if only half the country agree with you. Moreover, if anyone actually admitted the truth about anything they would lose their job.

You in the UK and USA have seen in the past what problems you get with only two parties. So why don´t you vote for other parties? 57even i don´t think that you are standing for a political extrem left or right side so why don´t you vote let´s say for the greens? Every democratical party will try to create jobs and the greens further on are saving our nature. If you think that a system with only two parties don´t work, why not vote for other parties?

Coming to the press, you are speaking about the extrems and there are sources in between. And for me the guardian is on of them. Yes you have to notice where the journalist political stand, what he has reported in the past and you have to doublecheck and at least should have a look at wiki. But without newsorganisation we would be lost because it´s too much information flowing around. And from time to time you have sad event´s around the world where you can see the biggest diffrence between the sources. Use such event´s too chose your source and never trust them blind and stay critical.

And i must say the world is a beatiful place with a lot of nice and friendly humans on it. The problem are some humans with too much power who care more about themselfs and sitting in every goverment. It´s our job to give them feedback!

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