Innova fibaprint white semi matte/white matte with Canon Pro 100 profile

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Re: Innova fibaprint white semi matte/white matte with Canon Pro 100 profile

Hubbie wrote:

Right so early this morning i decided to give it another go. Downloaded the profile of the Innova website of the Fibaprint white semi-matte. I think i followed the instructions properly but look at the result! The breast is far too blue!!!

Then i tried to print with the Canon Photo Paper Plus semi gloss and the result, as you can see on the right, were absolutely fine. I think i go somewhere wrong with the settings for the Fibaprint Semi Matte paper but i have NO idea where i go wrong.

Maybe someone has an idea?

Thanks for all the replies, very much appreciated.


Left Fibaprint White Semi Matte, right Canon Photo paper plus

1. Have you set your printer to the same settings as those for which the paper profile was made? (in particular, does the profile specify setting the paper type to semi gloss or matte in the printer driver?)

2. Have you set color matching to "none" in the printer driver?

3. Finally, are you sure you are using the right paper profile for the right printer? I had a profile for the same paper but a different printer and printing to this wrong profile caused all sorts of "fun"

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