What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

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Re: What are the pros/cons of the a77? Is it worth buying?

Well first of all, I mentioned that I got that quote from another forum. So I did some math (which might have been off), but based on just area of an APS-C sensor vs. FF sensor, it seems you could fit about 23 APS-C sensors in the space of 10 FF sensors. So this makes a ratio of a little more than 2 APS-C: 1 FF.

Now lets say that that 3 of the APS-C sensors are flawed on a sheet. Now lets say that 3 sensors are flawed on a sheet of FF sensors. You now have 20 APS-C sensors and 7 FF sensors. The ratio is now almost 3:1. The probability that there are more FF sensors flawed is probably higher.

3 A77 bodies at $900 a piece is $2700. The A99 is $2800. They both have similar features, but the A99 also has AF-D which takes a little more sophisticated sensor and shoots uncompressed video which takes a little more processing power. So that seems pretty close. Also factor in the fact that they're probably selling 4 or 5 APS-C cameras for every FF camera. So I might be being generous....
Good luck and happy shooting!

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