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Viewfinder and different body style...

I got my m few days ago and its love/ hate relationship...
Love the lenses and touchscreen is nice but lcd is hardly visible in bright light ... Lack of viewfinder and external buttons and atrocious grip ( or lack of) make it quite a pain to use...
Love the lenses ( zoom and 22)
I was almost ready to sell it instantly but image quality is quite great . As is ... It is great camera put in green auto mode for ppl like my wife who just likes to point and shoot and get nice results. For actual photographer who likes to tell camera what to do quite often... Not so much.
I already have rx100 which in awesome and actually fits any pocket unlike m with 22 that barely fits cargo short pocket and feels like a little brick doing so...
We need viewfinder preferably optical , but ANY would do and slightly better more user friendly form
Factor! Like in between SL1 and nex 6 or 7 with couple external buttons maybe. Then id be sold.

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