Just a K-5 IIs test.

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brandrx wrote:

Jim Beverlin wrote:

Ron - Then in your opinion does both the KII and KIIS take sharper, better defined images than the K-5?

Hi Jim,

I shoot most of the time with f4 or f5.6 lenses in daylight. If that is all that I ever did then, IMO, there would be very little difference between the K-5, K-5 II, and K-5 IIs. However, most folks also shoot in low light and/or artificail lighting, and many use faster lenses. Under those conditions the K-5 II and K-5 IIs is the better choice IMO. In addition, again IMO, K-5 II/K-5 IIs tracking via the Expanded Area AF in AF-C is better than the K-5 with just AF-C tracking. Note that in the preceding I mentioned faster lenses. IMO, the K-5 II and K-5 IIs are more accurate and more consistant with lenses that are faster than f2.8 than the K-5 is.

So, to boil it all down, if I had no camera at the moment and the choice was between the K-5 (about $600), the K-5 II (about $750 to $800), and the K-5 IIs (about $900 to $1000) then I would choose the K-5 II. If I already had a K-5 then I would just continue to wait for a month or two to see what the new K-3 is all about. Note: The preceding was written as if I also had to considered finances. The reason I own a K-5, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, and all of the lenses I have is because I don't have to concider finances.



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Ron - Thanks for the reply.  Your answer was pretty much what I expected.  My main issue with the K-5 is AF accuracy.  I tried out 4 lenses tonight for accuracy.  Lenses were the DA21, FA31, DA35 f2.8 macro and the latest addition to my arsenal a DA55.  The DA21 and DA35 lenses were spot on for accuracy whether at 2 ft or about 8 ft.  The FA31 and DA55 were good close up but not that good at around 8 ft.  Put both lenses on my K-01 and they were spot on.

Ran AF micro adjustment tests on the DA55 back about 6 wks ago mounting the K-5 on a tripod using the Pentax remote shutter release.  Shot off of my deck across the river into some wild Loostrife.  But the day had pretty good wind gusts so I doubt how valid the test was.

Want to repeat the test using the carton my Epson printer came in.  Has a lot of colorful graphics and text.  Figure I will place the carton about 30 ft away and see what I come up with using the micro adjustments.

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