Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Amazon UK is a tiny player in online camera sales in the UK, due to strong competition from decent, competitive, informative and attractive websites that don't have a problem paying UK tax.

Mirrorless in theUK has near 30% of the interchangeable lens camera segment.

The CIPA data for the first 6 months of this year shows 74,859,433 DSLR were exported to Europe as a whole with 8,170,738 .Which means Europe wide the average market share for “all” mirrorless cameras is 10%. The CIPA data covers the entire Japanese camera makers output and is by far the most reliable and comprehensive data available. These are the real numbers and it covers every camera made in Japan. The real market share in Europe is nowhere near 30% .

The CIPA data is very comprehensive covering total production and shipments by volume and location. As well as being current. In Europe DSLR shipments for the six month period are 83.4% of what they were last year at this time mirrorless shipments are 74.3% of what they were last year. These numbers are incontestable not liking the numbers because they do not agree with your particular agenda doesn't change them.

I personally do not care if mFT is dominating the market {it clearly isn't } as long as the companies producing it are actually making products that sell well and more importantly make solid profits. So that they can continue to make great products.


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