How many still shoot film?

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Re: Got hooked on films again.

Original concept inspired by the MF digital back has been tested out more than 8 years ago - at the time no el cheapo ebay film scanners - not too mention cheap 120 film scanner!

Even now it is hard to beat a flatbed Epson scanner images from a 6x9 or 6x12 transparency for my own purpose. Cameras are Zeiss Super Ikonta C & Converted Polaroid 110A with all manual adjusted setting. It is a hobby.

My recent photographs and videos were taken by digital compacts, superzoom, camcorders and occasionally DSLR.

New adventure - having used a Fuji Instant 4x5 film on my Rolleiflex 6008 and discovered that a colour negative apart from the instant print could be retrieved by bleaching the emulsion;  bought a few Polaroids to use the Fuji instant 4x5. Some needed to be modified for the obsolete batteries. Alls well, will test the scanning of the colour negatives on the flatbed again!

Happy Shooting,

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