Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

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Re: Nikon D7100 - Six months after joining the "Dark Side"

Vandyu wrote:

Hey, Rudy. I've been looking at the Nikon forum from time to time and reviewed some of your posts. Great wildlife shots. I agree with you about the cost one must be willing to put into the DSLR gear. I'm not willing to do that. I would like a D7100, but not planning on a purchase anytime soon. The D80 works like new--and it's paid for!

I think anyone who is fence sitting about getting an FZ200 should get moving while this excellent camera is still available. The FZ70 offers longer range, but IMO, that's about it. Thanks for touching base with us. I think you need to snatch up an FZ200 for those days when you want to pack extra light. When you get old, the camera will still take great photos and a used one will cost you a thousand bucks, probably!

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Hi Vandyu:

Nice to hear from you and I enjoy your comments at the Nikon forum. Once again, I bought the D7100 because I all my money back for my FZ200, without that deal, I never would had made the swap. But since I did get that opportunity and because I am an self-admitted pixel-peeping perfectionist, I wanted to see just how good I could get images if I really went whole hog with the gear and developing my technique. It has be a lot of fun and very rewarding so far.

Regarding lugging around the heavy stuff I have modified my fliedcraft technique to account for this. I now use a tripod and a 3-legged, folding portable chair and I got to key spots which wildlife frequent, and I watch and wait and really enjoy soaking in the surroundings and the birds and animals. Then, after a while, it takes me about 3 minutes to pack up my gear and move to the next location and do the same. Prior to this I was a more mobile opportunistic shooter. The tripod allows me to get absolutely razor sharp images and the stool allows me to stop and enjoy what I'm seeing for a longer period of time. I'm speaking now of my 300mm prime lens, not the 70-300mm. When that approach stops being fun, I'll try something else.



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