Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Many were taken by surprise by how well the E-M5 sold and that it won DPR's reader's choice award. Had Olympus priced the E-M1 to match the D7100, I think they'd have another runaway success on their hands this holiday season. People do read reviews and don't have to see the cameras in a big box store to buy them, as the E-M5 proved.

Did it really sell well, or you think it sold well ?

There were long waiting lists to get one : I had preordered one in early March but only got one at the end of August inspite of the fact that in our country Olympus is better distributed than it appears to be in the US. Also Olympus managers have declared it several times : they were themselves surprised by how well the E-M1 was selling. Also here since its launching the price of the E-M5 has remained very stable, loosing less than 10% With respect to its launch price (998.- to 1022.- CHF with respect to 1089.- at launch time for body only)

Unfortunately, we know very little about how well the E-M5 has sold. The E-5 has held its price, so the fact that the E-M5 has also held its prices tells us very little.

About all we know is that despite the success of the E-M5, the Olympus official who was interviewed when the most recent fiscal year report was released earlier this year said that m43 almost broke even.  The optimistic take on this is that the E-M5 helped counteract the losses that affected the camera industry as a whole last year. The pessimistic take is that despite having released the fantastic E-M5 (and I mean that seriously), demand for that model wasn't high enough to make Oly's m43 business profitable.

Another perspective is that the best selling E-M5 configuration (body only) is 12th on Amazon's CSC list, but 1,054th on Amazon's Camera & Photo rankings. The NEX-7, which has been out as long as the E-M5, is the 8th best selling CSC (at only an 8% discount) and is 841st in Camera & Photo.

As far as mirrorless challenging DSLRs is concerned, the similarly priced and equally old D7100 is the 5th best selling DSLR and is 79th in Camera & Photo.

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