Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: I am not really sure if they are skimming the cream either ..

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If Olympus had been aggressive in pricing, the D7100 would have been toast this Christmas.

Oh please. Here (USA), Olympus can't even get their product on store shelves, and have virtually no advertising.

I think that getting stock into stores is the bigger half of the problem. If they price the cameras competitively then I think retailers would be a lot more inclined to stock them. But right now it seems like Panasonic and Olympus are both skimming the cream from the enthusiasts who are willing to pay a premium for their gear.

I already asked the same question somewhere else, what would you buy for the same money;
  1. the camera that is easier to carry
  2. the camera that will take better images

Many, and those who know what to do with it, take the second option. And so the stores are hardly making any profits on the first. In fact, Olympus imaging division themselves have been losing money for quite some time now, and OM-D is not helping much either.

It isn't as simple as you make it : the real question is how much more weight and bulk people will accept for the marginal IQ they would gain and that marginal IQ increase (which many people didn't really need) comes along with a huge size/weight increase (often the total gear weight is twice as heavy).

To be fair that same argument can be put forward for one camera solutions such as the RX100 which is notably closer in sensor performance to the E-M5 than the E-M5 is to the D800e {all selected for being best in each sensor size}

This is absolutely true.   I just bought an RX100M2 to serve as my "take-everywhere" camera after grudgingly admitting to myself that no M43 offerings are ever likely to be quite compact enough for me to use in that role.   The RX100M2 is also the only compact camera that has 1080p60 video and a tilting LCD screen - another must-have for me.

I'm pretty amazed by what it can do, and although I've long been planning to buy into M43, the RX100M2 has me seriously questioning whether I really need to.   If I do, it won't be because of any advantage in "image quality" (whatever that means) but rather to get more flexibility in terms of focal length and DOF control than the RX100 can offer.

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