I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

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Re: I've given up on the Fuji X100s.

David Hardaway wrote:

Xtrans delivers poor detail in anything other than perfect light. The pixel pattern cause bleed and smear. Studio controlled lighting may be okay, but everyday use especially with skin tones are terrible. I took 750$ loss just to get away from it. I tried every software including silkypix and while i could get acceptable images of certain types of subjects, people shots were always poor results.

I loved the camera itself but images were unacceptable. Read more from real world photogs and you will see consistent comments. I have a friend that spares no expense on camera gear, he loaded up with fuji x camera and lenses last christmas .... i sold my kit and explained to him why. He said he could live with it not wanting to take his losses. After his return from hawaii vacation a few mo ths back, he realized that most of his important family shots were substandard and not fixable due to color mixes that result in not only uncorrectable whitebalance, but cause lack of smudge free detail which are baked into the raf files.

Do yourself a favor and wait until fuji releases bayer version of these cameras. The xtrans will go the way of the superccd in the near future.

That said the actual camera and lenses are nice. But the xtrans sensor is a real problem.

Zach Arias and others seem to have no trouble withe the X trans sensor in the  X100s, in either good or very low light.  Any chance you had special effect filters actIvated?  You can get all kinds of weird results with these filters.

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