50mm 1.8f and 18-55mm kit question

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Re: 50mm 1.8f and 18-55mm kit question

The photos should look the same, if you are talking about Nikon 18-55 (at 50mm) and 50/1.8 (at f/5.6). Those are the lenses that I use, and you would have to look carefully to notice any difference in quality, perspective or distortion. Reviews on both lenses are usually full of praise (e.g. Ken Rockwell), and these lenses are good value, considering that they cost hundreds of dollars rather than thousands. Try the comparison yourself, but don't worry about shooting test-cards.

Bokeh depends on f-number, and only the 50/1.8 opens wide enough to give you the option. It's a popular lens for portrait work on Nikon DX cameras (equivalent to 75mm lens on a 35mm camera, where 85mm always used to be the recommended focal length for portraiture).

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