Nikon V1 Modifications

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Re: Nikon V1 Modifications

UtahN8 wrote:

Those look pretty great, I like the grip on your J1 in particular. Tell me about the tape over the pop-up flash; is it to prevent accidental flash use?


If I had to redo the grip on the V1 I would probably do it in the J1 style. I just requires some more work to bend two layers of leather around the corner and glue them together. If it would be very advanced they could go around to the mode dial to prevent accidental rotating. It’s doable.

The tape on the flash was just to beer-seal it for festival use. I also had taped the gap between lens and camera.
Then I took the tape off the flash and accidentally released the flash. So now it’s taped up again. I never use direct flash anyway.

And off course as we all know, is tape on the flash is the best way to improve your flash-photography.

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