Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

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Re: Pentax K3 rumor from the plant... shhh...

audiobomber wrote:

You've spent over $5000, and you don't have a kit that would meet my needs, i.e. no fisheye, macro or long tele lens. In a few years you'll want to update the body and you'll be shopping in the $2500+ range, where I will probably spend $1000 for a fully featured APS-C.

Yes, your kit is great, but it costs considerably more than a Pentax kit, so it should be great. APS-C is the sweet spot for me, in size, price and crop factor.

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Could you build the equivalent kit with Pentax + macro + fish eye + long tele for $5k??? The 560mm alone is over 5 grand and even on this forum has received a very lukewarm response at best. Not possible, if it was, I would have bought it! I loved the K5 ergonomics and thought it was the perfect compromise of size and build quality but lens prices are off the charts nowadays and I don't agree you could get an equivalent Pentax kit for $5k with 4 lenses.  Not even close unfortunately.  I also shoot Olympus and wish that Olympus would have bought out Pentax instead of Ricoh - an EM5 / K5 hybrid with Olympus's stabilization & lens technology and Pentax's ergonomics and sensor performance would be unbeatable in my opinion.  Try shooting with an EM5 and a 45mm F1.8 wide open and you'll see what I mean...

There are countless posts on this forum from people asking for the same reasonable things over and over again from Pentax/Richoh - AF speed, C-AF/tracking AF that is useable, tele-converter, SDM type lenses that aren't so slow and with a warranty that matches the ever sky-rocketing prices, more attention to video improvements, flash units/cameras that actually expose consistently, remote flash control in-body etc etc but Pentax seems to think they're better off leading on their loyalists into a constant upgrade cycle every year???

Also, don't forget that a 4 or 5 year old Nikon D700 holds it's value extremely well - I've taken a bath on every Pentax body I've bought brand new and sold 1 - 2 years later.  I paid $1400 for my K5 and I had a hard time selling it for $500 1.5 years later for a $900 dollar depreciation!!!  I'm pretty confident I'll be able to sell my D800 in 1 year for at least $1500, likely quite a bit more...(can't imagine selling it any time soon though unless Sony makes a killer mirrorless 36x24 with some new lenses and fast on sensor phase detect AF).

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