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Re: Mako's squirrels...

herbymel wrote:

Iain G Foulds wrote:

Enjoyed and appreciated the thoughts of all. I'd be honored if anyone wants to print a copy for themselves... perhaps for a child's bedroom!

Mako: Love to see a couple of your squirrel photos. Perhaps, they lost their appeal because your photos were not so appealing...

The thing for me Ian is from what I understand you're in Calgary...you're within 4 hours of Jasper, 2 hours of Yoho and an hour or so from Banff...I'd be spending so much time in these places if I could get there so easily. Right now the elk are in rut, the Larch are in their best color and there is so much more interesting wildlife than squirrels. People make that area one of their, "I've got to go there at least once in my life before I die," destinations. Even if you have family take them too. I basically grew up camping, one of the best things to share with your children is a love for the outdoors.

Ask any kid, boy or girl, and they'll tell you without a second's hesitation, a little snoozing squirrel beats a big rutting elk any day of the week!


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