Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: I think Thom may be overstating a bit

TrapperJohn wrote:

I do know that I've had a ball with the little EM5. Haven't enjoyed a new camera this much for a very long time. Even just that sense of childlike wonder and amazement, when I pulled it out of the box for the first time - it's so small, and it's such a jewel. Nice to find that in use, it backed up that first impression with the boost in DR, the killer IBIS, and a few other things. Heck, the EVF was pretty darn good, and I was concerned about that.

CSC is here to stay, and it's where all the really interesting things in photography are happening.

Preaching to the choir.

I got into 4/3's for the smaller body sizes (E-xxx's) and quality lenses at reasonable prices (SG and HG). Stuck my toe in the water with an E-PM1, not an optimal experience. Then jumped in with an E-M5 refurbished kit last December out of frustration that Olympus had clearly discontinued their E-xxx line.

Surprised by joy, as they say.

While the new E-M1's EVF may be better, I still love the EVF in my E-M5 that allows me to set its brightness and hue, view my settings along with a framing grid, level and even a histogram if I'd like. Add in IBIS that works wonders, SCP that makes changing settings a breeze, a high-res flip/touch OLED screen, dual control wheels, image focusing magnification, quiet shutter (love its sound), a weathersealed sturdy alloy body, and, at the heart of it, the 16MP Olympus tuned Sony sensor that allows me to shoot noise free up to ISO 3200.

You put it well, a jewel. As are the many available lenses that are small enough I can just toss them in my pocket.  Little wonder that there was such fervor demonstrated in placing it at the top of the heap in last year's DPR Reader's Choice Awards.

The reviews are now coming in on the E-M1, Olympus' new flagship mFT body, and it's clearly raised the bar still higher. The text below (including the troll comment) is from this post currently running on 43Rumors:

" (Click here) published the full Olympus E-M1 review. They write:

The OM-D E-M1 is bar-none the best stills-shooting experience within the Micro Four Thirds system, with image quality good enough for the working photographer. This camera is a loud and clear statement of intent from Olympus—Micro Four Thirds can be for pros, too.

They have scored it a 9.8 out of 10 and awarded it with the Editor’s Choice. compared with the Panasonic GX7, which also earned a 9.8, though the E-M1 outpoints it the our dynamic range, high ISO, speed, and resolution tests thanks to the excellent 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens. The GX7 is a better performer in white balance and video, however.

Luminous Landscape (Click here) concluded their E-M1 four part review with a final trip in Paris:

At the end of my week shooting with the E-M1 during my vacation in Paris I can summarize my experience as being almost 100% positive. The camera is small a light enough to be carried anywhere, for hours at a time and with a small / light shoulder bag full of lenses from 14mm – 600mm equivalent. That’s the real benefit of the MFT format – lens size.

And the following LL sentence is made for the 43rumors trolls that love to remark the Full Frame or APS-C vs FT sensor size difference:

The MFT advantage used to be smaller cameras and smaller and lighter lenses. Now the body size advantage has been challenged, but the lens size advantage remains, and always will, MFT used to mean some compromises when it came to image quality, but those days are past. Only the most neurotic pixel peeper will find anyhting to kvetch about with files from the Olympus E-M1 and its contemporaries.

Gotcha trolls?


End of quote. And by way of clarification, my original post of the excerpt from Thom's article was on mFT relative to Nikon DX bodies (i.e., APS-C), not FF.

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