Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Careful with those numbers

Amazon figures are misleading, as they are divided up by individual model. That includes all variations of color and lens combination. Because most µ43 cameras are sold in multiple colors, the EM5 is about even between silver and black plus four variations on kit lens package, while most dslr's tend to be sold in black, the single top selling models do not paint an accurate picture of Amazon sales. The almost always black dslr looks better. An accurate picture would require one to manually sum up every possible variation of every model.

Amazon is also reporting delays in shipping the EM1 due to an overload of preorders.

CIPA numbers are very deceptive to the uninitiated. They are shipments from mfgr to distributors, and reflect what the mfgr and the distributor believe they will be able to sell. That is at best a very indirect association with what the public is actually buying. CIPA numbers don't reflect the firesales going on right now for the EOS-M and the Panny GX1.  Both are selling decently thanks to rock bottom prices, while they appear in CIPA numbers some time last year, when the stock was originally shipped.

What I see as another indirect, but longer term factor, is the fact that mirrorless has just about caught the dslr in terms of useable IQ and MP, while it has all the excitement and rapid technical development going on, especially compared to the somewhat stagnant dslr.

That shouldn't be underestimated, as it was excitement over rapid technical development that drove much of the dslr boom of the 2000's, whether any of us care to admit it or not. Technical wizardry might seem like a shallow reason to get interested in a camera, but there are entire industries based upon rather shallow concepts: the fashion industry depends on it.

What I do know is that 1041 is one of the busiest forums here, and dpr enthusiasts are studying mirrorless reviews far more than dslr reviews, as evidenced by the dpr top ten review click list.

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