Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: That's what I see

jim stirling wrote:

TrapperJohn wrote:

The Canon SL1 is not a mirrorless competitor. Canon owners claim it is, but it is not. It still has a DSLR registration distance and DSLR image circle, so it's fat, and it still has DSLR size lenses, which are not small, or if they're small, they are slow, low IQ kit grade glass - no match for the better µ43 glass.

I believe we have more than one ex-SL1 owner here, who found that building a truly compact system is a lot more than trimming down the sides and the top of the body.

Yes.  Repeat after me, it's  not the body alone, it's the system .  As for the SL1, it's one fat little piggie, and with a long zoom mounted, verging I think on the comical:

What lengths they'll go to in maintaining the charade that they can compete on size, but give them credit if buyers swallow the bait.

Almost 6 times more DSLR cameras shipped than all mirrorless put together { 250 million compared to 43million }

So, mirrorless is within shooting distance of carving out 20% of DSLR sales, this despite Canon and Nikon's already described advantages in big box sales, brand recognition and advertising budgets.  And this in a system introduced and built from scratch less than five years ago (G-1 in Jan. '09, E-P1 in July '09).

It's always difficult to see a watershed event when it's occurring, but everyone accepts it as obvious after the fact.  I feel credit is due to Thom for calling attention to this while it's taking place, but then, I agree with him .

And thank you all for a civil conversation.  We have some clearly divided views, but it has remained interesting through-out.

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