Thom Hogan: Impact of mFT on Nikon DX line

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Re: And I was wondering ..

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you have postponed the debate : the original poster was speaking of APSC format. Hence my reference to the marginal increase in IQ. Also for those shooting Canon whose cameras don't have the best sensor, yes the IQ increase is marginal. You get twice the weight but far less than twice the IQ, and if you are going for those heavy fast zooms and lenses, I bet the weight would be three time as much.

ever compared a Canon SL1 including standard zoom with the E-M5 or E-M1? It's almost the same size and weight ...

Yes, those FF 2.8/70-200IS zooms on APS-C are huge, but first of all they are FF lenses and secondly, there isn't much to compare on m43.

One excellent example of how this can work out in real life is a bright tele lens like the 2.8/300. The latest one from Canon is one of the best lenses on the planet, it covers FF size sensor, has superfast AF and excellent IS and it is LIGHTER than the 2.8/300 43 lens from Olympus that is quite good probably, but doesn't even have IS. So the Canon offers several times more sensor coverage (light gathering) in a smaller, lighter and far more practical package.

Now some m43 users are going to complain that the Oly 2.8/300 is really a 2.8/600 (or so ...), but I know what I would prefer.

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